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Intuitive, fast and focused time trackingused by teams and individualsto help them be more productive and get things done

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boost productivity

  • access from any device anywhere
  • reports – insights on time spent
  • stable and secure web app


intuitive and easy

  • no setup required: just go
  • user friendly interface
  • focus on work not tracking time


beautifully fast

  • instant loading of data
  • no clutter, clean design
  • built with angular.js

our lemon mission

We want to change how people perceive time tracking:

It should make you and your team more productive while still being fun!

That’s why we have designed and built a time tracker that is easy and intuitive to use, so fast that you don’t even notice it is a web application.
It lets you get back to your actual work quickly instead of having you mess around with notes on paper or spreadsheets.

Data can not only be fun but also productive: We want to help you and your team make better, well informed decisions: Where you allocate your time, what you prioritize and how to get back on track in case you wandered off.

That is why with lemon we will focus on the core and the core only: time tracking.
No project management, no todo lists, no client management – just plain, focused, straight forward time tracking.

So that tracking time with lemon will indeed taste sweet!


Your lemon team: Anton, Kai, Oliver, Karl and Andrej

Welcome back, our newest member: Karl!

Updates and new Features

Stay tuned for more improvements and goodies 🙂


  • stats: overall history: legend into header
  • autocomplete: show only 8 items max
  • autocomplete: show infix matches only after user typed in 3 characters
  • reports: edit records: allow editing team


  • allow multiple devices to be signed in with same account


  • make favicon orange even on reports and stats pages if tracker is running in that team


  • reports: disable access to records of other members in teams where you are only member
  • every form: send form on enter
  • PDF reports: make background white for easier printing


  • add current team as parameter to URL – never leave current team on reload
  • reports: order by team


  • stats: filter: add projects and tags filter
  • reports: use the same filter interface like on stats page
  • stats / reports: filters: combine projects and tags with same name
  • reports: add team column
  • stats / reports: filters: show filter options if they have been used limited by the filters to the left
  • report pdfs: adjust logic, extend to include teams
  • reports: reorder columns
  • bugfix: stats: history graphs: not all bubbles were shown


  • stats: make sure only admins can access stats of whole team


  • track: autocomplete: show after entering space
  • track: autocomplete: do not show projects if a project has already been chosen
  • allow deployments during the day
  • track: edit project / tag: show autocompletion


  • track: autocomplete: highlight matching letters
  • track: autocomplete: reload after records have been changed
  • track: autocomplete: show top 5 projects and top 5 tags initially (after clicking into input box)


  • track: show autocompletion suggestions for projects and tags when typing in input box
  • track: autocomplete: show top projects and tags (the ones user worked most often on during the past 90 days)
  • add stats page to navigation menu


  • stats: calculate differences in percent to previous period and same period in previous year
  • help widget (Zendesk): fill with name and email if logged in
  • deletion: analysis page (covered by stats and reports pages)
  • stats: improvements to the date popups (position after resize, closing logic)


  • stats: overall history: add “weekly sums” or “monthly sums” or “sums per x days” beneath x-axis-legend
  • stats: small improvements


  • stats: on error: do not show old stats
  • stats: hide pie chart text if space is too little
  • reports: add tag icons in records
  • stats: graphs: show dot in the middle if there is only one date


  • stats/reports: all time: no start date, end date is today – adjust logic and display
  • bugfixing: logout bug


  • stats: do not highlight legend – not clickable
  • stats: overall history: let weeks start on Monday
  • stats: remove “h” from numbers, remove “:00” on y-axis
  • tab title: alternating between two timers
  • stats: project history for one record today broken
  • stats: week bar chart with only one color
  • stats: show tag history
  • stats: overall history: improve number display
  • change week day names to English
  • stats: custom axis scaling


  • stats: add hour number to overall history bar chart
  • bugfix: allow refresh token to be as old as authentication token (fix logouts)


  • stats: let graphs fill 100% of browser width
  • bugfix: timer in title should not be shown when on page different from track


  • bugfix: do not log user out – renew auth token regularly
  • settings: manage project/tags: show message if user may not make changes
  • stats: adjust charts


  • track page: after last day: show link to reports page
  • stats: change filters to dropdowns
  • stats: charts and graphs should fill browser window
  • stats: many layout improvements
  • continuous integration: do not deploy on weekends
  • continuous integration: only allow development branch on stage
  • forms: focus into first input field


  • set user as team creator after creating new team
  • adding existing user to team: invitation automatically accepted


  • settings: non-admins should not see menu items “manage projects” and “manage tags”
  • stats: add “all teams” and “all members” to filters
  • stats: display period name in “stats for: …”
  • stage and marketing pages: create Let’s Encrypt certificates for https access
  • tab titles: show current page name
  • tab title on track page: show time of current record (count up)
  • after creating new team: switch to that team
  • settings: teams: show team creator (do not show invitation status for that member)
  • settings: if user has no active teams: do not show teams table, show text instead
  • settings: adjusting team members: add loading veil
  • reports/stats: remove loading veil in case of error
  • update target .NET framework


  • stats: pie charts for project and tags
  • stats: bar chart for overall history


  • stats: filter options
  • stats: only two tabs
  • reports: bugfix: save report, select saved report


  • stats: filter teams
  • stats: slant axis point names
  • reports: order users by name


  • reports: removing dropped element from filter: do not reload records (except if last removed filter is a dropped one)
  • reports: when no records available show info text
  • reports / stats: this year/week: end period today instead of in the future
  • bugfix: reports: edit record without project leads to project name being “null”
  • bugfix: track: remove project if removing everything (inluding “@”) from box
  • settings: edit project/tag: show error message if name is left empty


  • reports: show “no people”, “no projects”, “no tags” if no records with selected filter options were found
  • reports: show non existent filters in grey (saved reports with now deleted elements)
  • reports: save requests after saving report


  • reports: clicking single filter in filter category should not result in server request
  • reports: bugfix: non-admins should see only their projects and tags
  • reports: communicate with server using project and tag IDs instead of names

27.09.2017 – Show only meaningful filters on report page

  • reports: show only tags which have been used in records filtered according to projects, users, time span
  • reports: show only projects which have been used in records filtered according to users, time span
  • reports: show only users who have tracked records in filtered time span
  • stats: allow entering of time span
  • stats: bugfix: show only records from team of user

22.09.2017 – Undo last deletion of record

  • track + report: enable undo for record deletion (of last deleted record)
  • bugfix: close popups when entering new URL

21.09.2017 – Stats Page

  • /stats shows a multitude of different statistics regarding the past tracking habits with numbers and graphs
  • stats: my stats (all teams), my stats in current team, team stats (current team)
  • stats: different time spans
  • stats: average hours per week day
  • stats: most used projects
  • stats: most used tags
  • stats: overall history of worked hours per day
  • stats: history of worked hours per project per day
  • stats: average hours in a record, in a day, in a week, in 30 days
  • stats: records per day, per week
  • stats: for each week day: average start, finish, number of records

22.08.2017 – Delete team where you are the only member

  • delete team where you are the only member
  • bugfix: “show all” button on track page in wrong place
  • bugfix: live deployment should halt if the tests did not run without failures

18.08.2017 – Deactivate and reactivate team members

  • team members settings: show list of active members and list of inactive members
  • team members settings: add deactivate and reactivate buttons (only for admins), affected user gets info mail
  • team settings: show number of active members
  • header: choose team control: identify teams where user is deactivated
  • track page: user cannot see, edit and add records for team where he/she is deactivated
  • report page: user can see and filter records for team where he/she is deactivated, but cannot edit these records
  • track page: hovering over time shows first start and last stop of the record
  • reload / login: show team which user last selected
  • when signed in redirect from login singup setpassword pages to track page
 15.08.2017 – Show time sums over all teams
  • track page: show time sums over all teams for current/last week/month (only if user tracked at least something on another team within this and last months), show tooltip

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