Breathe… lemon is a time trackeryou can actually enjoy

Intuitive, fast and focused time trackingused by teams and individualsto help them be more productive and get things done

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boost productivity

  • access from any device anywhere
  • reports – insights on time spent
  • stable and secure web app


intuitive and easy

  • no setup required: just go
  • user friendly interface
  • focus on work not tracking time


beautifully fast

  • instant loading of data
  • no clutter, clean design
  • built with angular.js

our lemon mission

We want to change how people perceive time tracking:

It should make you and your team more productive while still being fun!

That’s why we have designed and built a time tracker that is easy and intuitive to use, so fast that you don’t even notice it is a web application.
It lets you get back to your actual work quickly instead of having you mess around with notes on paper or spreadsheets.

Data can not only be fun but also productive: We want to help you and your team make better, well informed decisions: Where you allocate your time, what you prioritize and how to get back on track in case you wandered off.

That is why with lemon we will focus on the core and the core only: time tracking.
No project management, no todo lists, no client management – just plain, focused, straight forward time tracking.

So that tracking time with lemon will indeed taste sweet!


Your lemon team: Anton, Kai, Oliver, Karl and Andrej

Welcome back, our newest member: Karl!

Updates and new Features

Stay tuned for more improvements and goodies 🙂

22.08.2017 – Delete team where you are the only member

  • delete team where you are the only member
  • bugfix: “show all” button on track page in wrong place
  • bugfix: live deployment should halt if the tests did not run without failures

18.08.2017 – Deactivate and reactivate team members

  • team members settings: show list of active members and list of inactive members
  • team members settings: add deactivate and reactivate buttons (only for admins), affected user gets info mail
  • team settings: show number of active members
  • header: choose team control: identify teams where user is deactivated
  • track page: user cannot see, edit and add records for team where he/she is deactivated
  • report page: user can see and filter records for team where he/she is deactivated, but cannot edit these records
  • track page: hovering over time shows first start and last stop of the record
  • reload / login: show team which user last selected
  • when signed in redirect from login singup setpassword pages to track page
 15.08.2017 – Show time sums over all teams
  • track page: show time sums over all teams for current/last week/month (only if user tracked at least something on another team within this and last months), show tooltip

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